Get Your Business or Event Logo On Inexpensive Pop Phone Socket Grips.

Looking for an effective trade show booth or b2b marketing giveaway? Want to get your logo shown every time someone uses their smartphone?

Get Your Logo On A Pop Phone Socket.

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Pop Phone Sockets are an incredibly effective way to promote your business brand and logo. Here’s Why!

1) We are fixated on our phones: The world of technology has conditioned us so that we are constantly looking at our phones. In fact, the average person looks at their phone 82 times a day! Therefore, it just makes sense to get your logo in a place where people are sure to see it several times each day.

2) Brand Identity means Brand Exposure: Let’s be honest, when we see someone in public, they often have their phones out. If their smartphones have your logo on a custom pop phone socket, that means that not only do they see your logo, but anyone who sees their phone will also see your logo. This is the kind of maximum brand identity your company needs!

3) Wicked Prices, Fast Delivery: Don’t Forget. Free Shipping, Free Set Up, Free 4 Color Logo. Get Your Business or Event Logo on a Pop Phone Socket Grip For Less Money.

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Get Your Business or Event Logo On Inexpensive Phone Stands and Socket Grips.


What are Pop Phone Sockets?

Unless you have been living under some kind of social isolation rock you seen one of those odd-looking circular discs stuck to the back of someone’s phone? Chances are good they are a Pop Phone Socket!

Pop Phone Sockets are hugely popular right now, especially with those of us who don’t have or intend to have a landline. But what are Pop Phone Sockets, and what are they used for?

Pop Phone Sockets. What’s so great about them and why are they so popular? Let’s have a look.

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Get Your Business or Event Logo On Inexpensive Phone Stands and Socket Grips.

Pop Phone Socket. What do they look like?

Pop Phone Sockets are an accordion-like fold out disc that attaches to your phone or phone case. The Pop Phone Socket adheres to the surface using a washable, 3M reusable adhesive. The Pop Phone Socket “pops” out twice and perform some very cool functions.

Pop Phone Socket. Stop the Phone Drops!

For those of us who tend to drop our phone quite a bit a Pop Phone Socket is ideal.

When using a Pop Phone Socket, the number of times you will drop the phone is significantly lower.

Using a Pop Phone Socket Grip allows you to wrap two fingers around it, making the phone appear like it’s “floating” in the users hand. It allows quicker access to my phone this way.

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Pop Phone Socket. The Perfect Selfie.

Forget the selfie stick, selfie sticks make you look like a tourist from 2012. It’s old, its outdated and it looks dorky.

Instead, use the Pop Phone Socket Grip as it makes it easier to hold your phone with one hand and allows reaching the shutter button in a single effortless motion. It also provides more camera angles, and the sturdy grip means you no longer need to fumble around as you find the most amazing selfie shot.

Pop Phone Socket. Make Your Logo and Pop Phone Socket Stand Out!

If you need to prop your smartphone or tablet up for a better view while watching videos or playing games or to make a hands-free Facetime call , the Pop Phone Socket Grip makes it simple and easy.

Pop Phone Socket. Ear Bud Management System.

The Pop Phone Socket Grip is also a simple and effective way to manage your earbuds and cords. Pop Phone Socket Grips are an ideal way to get your clutter out of your cables.

Get Your Business or Event Logo On Inexpensive Phone Stands and Socket Grips.

Get Your Pop Phone Socket Grip Customized.

We specialize in saving businesses money on their promotional products. Our business model is simple. We work directly with the source factories in China that make the swag and we logo it overseas and deliver it to you in 10 days or less. We are factory direct.

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