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New Englands Promotional Product Super Source

Boston Promoco is your factory direct promotional product supplier in the Northeast USA.

Boston Promoco is a key territorial partner in the Promotional Product Direct Group.

Boston Promoco
Boston Promoco


Boston Promoco and PPD have direct access to over 150 promotional product factories from around the globe. Theses factories produce over 10,000 unique and creative marketing giveaways and promotional products.

We offer these unique promotional products to America’s business marketers all at factory direct prices. We are the experts at sourcing, branding and delivering these branded products from the factory floor direct to your door.

Our clients are American and New England businesses of all sizes and industries. Boston Promoco and PPD at experts at helping  these great American businesses showcase their brand and promote their marketing message.

We source. logo and deliver amazing factory direct apparel, tech accessories, drinkware and premium promotional items in every product category.


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Who Is Promotional Product Direct?

“We have 14 regional sales office throughout North America ready to help you out.”

Connect with our expert promotional product sales experts. To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

New York New England – Mid Atlantic –  Florida – Southern California – Northern California –Vegas–  Chicago  – Texas – Midwest– South East – Pacific Northwest– Western Canada  – Eastern Canada – Head Office

We work with over 150 different promotional product factories from 12 different countries that produce over 10,000 different promotional products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Read the FAQ.

What Is Factory Direct All About?

Boston Promoco and PPD .We have access to more than150 factories that produce over 10,000 promotional product ideas. Factories in Asia, Europe and the USA and Canada that make unique promotional products.

We quote you an all-inclusive price and look after the product from the factory floor delivered to your door.

We sell direct from the factory to the American business customer and business marketer. Want to know more? Call 1-888-880-2714 or email us

How Long Does An Order Take?

These days, factory direct orders are amazingly fast.

We will deliver direct to you, your trade show booth or hotel at the convention in as little as 8 days.

Average order delivery after design approval is 7-10 days.

We sell direct from the factory to the American business customer and business marketer. Call 1-856-556-5655 or email [email protected]

What Is PPD's Competitve Advantage?

We Have 4 Amazing Advantages.

  1. We offer Factory Direct Promotional Products that no one else has. If it is in our catalog, it is trending and hot!
  2. We Save You Money, Lots of Money! With No dead inventory, No 4-times product handling, No extra overhead. No Tariffs and duties, No Brokerage fees, Decoration done at the factory, all of this allows us to pass along HUGE savings to you.                                                                                      We Save You BIG Bucks!
  3. We can and will “find you just about anything you want a logo on!” With great contacts deep at the factory level we can source, logo and deliver just about anything you want your logo on.
  4. We have 12 amazing regional offices all staffed with knowledgeable promo staff. We sell direct from the factory to the American business customer and business marketer. Call 1-888-880-2714 or email us
How Do You Place An Order ?

We make it simple.

Look over the online the catolog. It works in 2 ways.

The Catalog is broken into 10 categories that hi-lite the current trending ideas, the hot sellers, the unique promotional products trending today.

The next part to check out is the Supplier Overview , the Supplier Overview shows off many of our partner factories and their over 10,000 promotional products.

Then simply get in touch with the office and speak to one of our amazing partners.

Call 1-888-880-2714 or email us

Free Shipping, No Other Costs!

Free Shipping-All-Inclusive Pricing means that what we show as the per unit cost is all you pay!.

No Extra Charges for shipping, tariffs, duties, taxes, logos, 4 color, set up or any other “hidden extras” other suppliers love to charge. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Anything Else?

Nope. As we said, we make it easy. Call Now 804-755-4899 or Email us.

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